Are you planning to move to San Diego, California? You need not be bothered about the loads you are moving with. San Diego has over 4000 moving companies which can help you in packing transporting and finally unpacking your belongings into your new place of stay. This is definitely the quickest way of getting you settled in your new home. However, it is important to ensure that the company you choose is a reliable one- one you can lay all your trust on. The main concern in moving is ensuring the safety of your belongings till they are delivered to your house. To avoid complaints of overcharges, lost or damaged goods or even withholding of your goods; these are some things you need to check when choosing which of the San Diego movers to hire.


Ensure that the mover of your choice is legalized. Legal movers are registered and issued with license numbers from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Motor Carrier. The mover should therefore provide the full name of the company, phone number, postal address and a website address. Confirm that the licenses are valid at Better Business Bureau ( A moving company is only allowed by law to move household goods only if it has a license. The license should also have details of the company’s insurance details. Movers are highly discouraged from rushing into choosing moving companies based on their charges. Mostly, the cheapest priced movers are a scam so there is need to do an extensive research before making a choice. Remember the market is full of cons so do not be fooled.


The security of your goods during transportation is vital lest you end up losing them to damages or total loss. Ensure the mover values your goods before loading them into trucks. San Diego movers have an obligation to value your belongings at no cost. Valuation charges are covered in the hourly transportation rates. This helps in ensuring that the company compensates you in case of damage during moving. You can also purchase insurance for your move. Companies such as Moving Insurance and Baker International offer insurance policies. The benefit is that you get full replacement in case of damages or loss of goods during moving.


The moving company should have enough workers and resources. A well established moving company should have been in business for at least seven years. It should have adequate staff, who are insured against injuries, to do the work. The company should provide packaging expertise and facilities especially for electronic and other easy-to-break items It should have its own resources such as trucks. The company should have enough storage facilities to store your belongings till your house is ready for you to move in. availability of these resources serves to prove that you are not dealing with a rogue company.

Gym Reputation

Just before you make a step to make inquiries from a company, consider consumer reviews on the company. Choose a reputable company. Information on consumers’ feeling towards services delivered by a mover is reliable since nobody will praise a company that overcharged, under delivered or over promised. This information can be found on the business bureau website and gives the real picture of the company. You can also make enquiries from people who have used moved in the recent past to recommend you the best movers. Excellent companies are awarded for their good services building their reputation and making them trustworthy.


You should be keen to avoid rogue movers. These are characterized by suspicious acts. They include: cash requirement or asking for huge deposits prior to the move. These fake companies lack their own resources and rent trucks on the moving day. You should check to ensure the truck bears the companies registration details such as addresses and phone numbers. The companies licensing and insurance details should also be printed on the truck. The company’s truck drivers should answer calls with the company’s name otherwise you could be dealing with two entities at a time.

When choosing your San Diego movers consider the importance of your possessions. Review all available options to ensure you are the first to prevent any damage or loss of your property. Visit at least three movers for details before you can get to decide on one.